Transformation Lighthouse is a team of professional and crazy people, sometimes even heretical, who like technology and innovation, but strive towards a better society that will put people first. We’re obsessed with reading and we don’t like mediocracy. We’re not perfect, but we show up every day and think how can we make a change – just like you! We aren’t afraid to get our hands dirty, so we gladly take the shovel and dig into that transformation and the future you with you!

We believe that each individual is a unique and indispensable part of the company, and it is essential to give voice to those that are the foundation of it. And them make them work together better. This empowerment of individuals leads to a strong team where every one is working with purpose and vision. Only then will the transformation lead to sustainable business innovation.

The entire program of Transformation Lighthouse consists of experts that have themselves worked in big world enterprise companies and founded startups. That are coming across both worlds all the time and recognized the need of helping others do the steps too.

Our Coaches and Experts

My superpower:

Creating and implementing innovative “blitzkrieg” projects with long lasting business and social impact.



Achiever – give me the goal and I’ll achieve it in the shortest possible time. Give me an idea and it will become true in record time.

Individualisation – I treat and consider each person as unique. And when you want to achieve goals in the shortest possible time, you can empower them by using and working on their individual strengths. Only empowered individuals make a great team with which you actually can move boundaries of possible.

Learner– I learn ALL the time and EVERY day. I love to learn. There are only lessons learned even in the darkest situations.

Innovation – looking for new, better, improved ways to be efficient and creative.

Positivity – always looking from the bright side of life, as The Monthy Python sing.

And all these 5 strengths together make my superhero power 🙂

Linedin profil: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ur%C5%A1ka-je%C5%BE-983a5311/

Urška jež

My superpower:

The ability to get excited for new projects/skills/things





Learner: Always learning new things and new skills. I am a student of this adventure we call life. My one wish is to have more time to study everything I want to learn more about.

Ideation: Fascinated by new ideas and a capability to find connections between seemingly unrelated issues.

Intellection: Introspective and appreciate a good intellectual debate

Restorative: Enjoying the challenge of analysing the symptoms, identifying what is wrong and finding the solution

Belief: have strong values that lead most of my choices in life. Based on my previous strengths you can imagine what they are.

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/martin-jarc-58019a176/

Martin Jarc

Joining Nest as a start up in 2012, Andy was the founding head of Nest’s business development group. Starting with the revolutionary Nest Learning Thermostat Andy developed a channel of over one hundred enterprise partners, helping propel Nest towards a $3.2 billion acquisition by Google. In five years Andy helped expand Nest to fourteen countries across North America and Europe making Nest the world’s most recognised brand for energy efficiency and smart home technology.

Prior to joining Nest, Andy was the Director of Environmental Technologies at Apple where he founded the industry’s first product design strategy for environmental excellence. Working closely with Steve Jobs, Andy achieved a number of industry firsts including the elimination of toxic chemicals, the set up of free take-back and recycling programs, the integration of Life Cycle Assessment in product development, and obtaining Energy Star certification across all products.

Andy Baynes

My super power:

I conceptualize and implement programs that empower people to be more proactive, responsible, creative and willing to take on new challenges. As a change master I focus on creating long-lasting impact by developing environments that support mind-set shifts and behaviour modification.


Learner: I genuinely enjoy the process of learning and implementing new knowledge into practice. I bring curiosity and desire for continuous development into the picture.

Achiever: I am very goal oriented and dedicated to achieving the targets we set up. I am productive and can dictate the tempo of work-flow in order to ‘get things done’.

Activator: I love turning ideas into reality which is why I am usually a catalysator that gets the process going and infects people with the ‘Let’s do this attitude’ attitude.

Individualization: I can notice and appreciate unique qualities of an individual and then use that knowledge to create synergies between team members that leads to better results and efficiency.

Self-assurance: I believe in my capabilities and instincts to guide me in uncertain situations to make the best possible decisions. I also believe in others and am able to empower them to become more self-assured and confident.

Sabina Duvelek

My superpower:

Empowering right people with right information and creating long-term synergies between them!






Activator – When I see an opportunity to do something cool and good for all – I take the challenge. Like, right away.

Connectedness– I have ability to see connections everywhere! Seriously. I absolutely love matching things…and people.

Positivity– If I would say I’m optimistic all the time, I would lie. But I’m really excited about every single moment in my life. Why wouldn’t I be? It’s amazing to live & learn!

Individualisation– Did I already tell you that I can see connections everywhere? Well, I’m intrigued with the unique talents / qualities of each person and it’s great challenge for me to figure out how different people can work together productively.

Achiever – If I’m taking a trip there must be a final destination of my journey. If I’m putting an effort into something, there must be a goal towards which I work! And my goals are usually big. Simple as that. Otherwise I get cranky…and bored. You don’t want to see me like that.


Anja Žibert

My superpower:

I turn everything into food in no time. 






Focus – I see food. When food is or isn’t

Self-assurance – me is boss here.

Consistency – It is good the way it is. No change. Now gimme food.

Achiever – I know what I want and I know the way to get it. I said gimme food!

Ideation – everything has a potential to be food. My food.