Are you facing difficulties finding talents and proactive new employees for your clients?


Hackathon is an innovative way of including creative individuals into finding and solving the challenges of your company. More and more companies are aware that the proactive new employees are essential for successful operations in the radically changing business environment. Because the young are mostly present and feel more comfortable in the virtual environment, we have created the Online hackathon to solve both the HR challenges and the innovation ones.

01 Goals

Selecting and grading the internal and external talent

CV’s of all participants for your database

Innovative and creative solutions to your challenges

Improving brand awareness and promotion

02 Benefits

  • fundamentally increased diversity and numersness of candidates,
  • fundamentally increased diversity and numersness of ideas,
  • activities and communications attractive to young people,
  • work at anytime and from any where,
  • suitable to everyone and for each profil you might be searching,
  • all ideas and CV’s safely gathered on the platform Ideascale where the online hackathon takes place.

03 Course of action:

Increase your database of innovative and creative talents!