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It’s just that time of the year when you have to make up for all lost days when you didn’t have time to innovate and hang out with likeminded people.

It’s that time of the year you need to start the month with the craziest and the most innovative weekend you can imagine.


Akrapovič weekend of innovative fusion known as hackathon


Meeting point of the bold, daring, innovative and out of the box thinkers, co-creating the future

01 & 02.12.2018

Poligon creative centre, Tobačna 5,
1000 Ljubljana

Anyone who wants to change the world and share it with others.


You just have to look way beyond exhaust systems and take products into unknown dimensions. Think of an Akrapovič product line outside the exhaust systems, considering the value of the Akrapovič brand.

That’s it… how far can you go?


We know you have an idea that could change the world and you want to share it with others. And since you are an enthusiast, innovator, thinker and ambitious team player, you are ready to: