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We don’t need to put too much effort in introducing company Akrapovič to you. A pioneer in its field, Akrapovič is widely recognized as a highly innovative materials technology company.

But what does it mean to have an innovative fusion weekend, more known as a hackathon? What this really means?
Usually when you read or hear about hackathons or watch Holywood movies, you picture yourself a group, of high school kids, that are hacking into state computer systems. Sounds quite terrible right? Let us reassure you it isn’t that kind of “hacking”. Hackathons today enable individuals to express themselves in a very creative way, whether with the help of technology or simply with the help of a pencil, piece of paper and the right idea. And of course the most important – the right team.

It is about organized groups of individuals, who create unique solutions out of nothing based on the assigned challenges of the event hosts. It is about shaping a community, that learns together, creates together and shares knowledge. It is about solving problems and creating new innovative solutions. It is about meeting likeminded people. It is about shaping and constructing, simply because it is fun and useful. It is about moving borders in entrepreneurship as a team. It is about the world hearing your ideas which you will carry out as a team.

Since you are still reading, we know it sounds interesting and we have awaken your interest.

You want to be among participants?
Great! We have another brave innovator.

Let’s go one step at a time:
Weekend of innovative fusion, hackathon or marathon of hacking is an intensive continuous two day competition of innovative and creative individuals, which are divided into groups that solve different in advance assigned challenges.

And what does it mean when a company with international reputation such as Akrapovič is organizing it?
Way more than you can imagine and you might have experienced in similar events like this. It is simply a weekend full of surprises…and o boy, you’re up for a treat 😊

With team members from Akrapovič you will help co-create something else. You will look way beyond exhaust systems and take products into unknown dimensions. Think of an Akrapovič product line outside the exhaust systems, considering the value of the Akrapovič brand.

The more out of the box, the crazier, the more chances you have to get one of the most appealing prizes you can imagine.

That’s it… how far can you go?

What to expect?
Two days full of impressions and new experiences. You will meet, connect and work with other aspiring individuals. Of course, during all this time, you will not be hungry and you’ll get to have enormous amount of fun creating.
Therefore, do not wait and apply now! In several sentences describe your idea, which might be selected for main challenge in hackathon.

Be bold, be open and try to make a difference.

We will take care and provide you warm meals and snacks in between, that at all times your brain would be at the top of the performance.

Awards or “what’s in it for me?”

We are certain that you are a right person to accept the challenge and get a chance to shine.

Don’t forget, that this can be a great springboard for your future employment in an innovative environment of Akrapovič.

Grab the opportunity and join the team, which will evolve their own idea and show the jury of Akrapovič what they are capable of. Of what material you are made of!

And of course, there is some candy on top of meeting great people, having a chance to get a job at Akrapovič and having the experience of your life. Akrapovič really took care of you and is offering generous rewards for the best performing teams:

Top three teams will receive rewards of:

– 1st place: 5.000,00 €

– 2nd place: 3.500,00 €

– 3rd place: 1.500,00 €.

Monetary rewards will be transferred directly to accounts of individual team members.

So, can you apply?

Of course! Anyone who has an idea and wants to change the world and share it with others. Welcome newcomers, professionals, thinkers and enthusiasts, actually all ambitious people.


Visions and ideas on how to improve the best products are the cornerstone of Akrapovič’s achievements. Their story is based on the excellence of educated, skilful, committed and passionate employees.

So, it does not matter what kind of idea you have, as long as you are passionate, committed and skillful team player that brings another perspective of potential product portfolio, Akrapovič is actually ready to implement it within all markets.

What if your idea becomes a benchmark for all word leading innovators? J

It is vital, that to have courage to present and share your ideas and not to be limited in anything. Out of the box is not just a saying. It will be your life for these two days.

No more excuses. Join us 01 and 02.12.2018 at the Poligon creative center, Ljubljana and become a member of movement, which strives to change the world.

Participants will be divided into teams of 4 to 6 people, who will battle with suggested challenge and will find creative solutions for it. Every team will get at least 2 team members from the side of employees of Akrapovič so be careful, if you will be gathering your own team, since you might be divided in order to accept new members.

Do you still see the reason, why not to join the competition?


December 1

Registration & Welcome Coffee

Organiser’s introductory speech, the committee presentation, rules and schedule explanation.

Unveiling the chosen business models and presentation
of participants; dividing participants into teams.

Lunch at the venue and getting to
know the fellow participants

Team work.

Dinner at the venue.

Team work.

December 2

Team work for the biggest enthusiasts.

Breakfast; recap of the past day and the following steps.

Team work.

Lunch at the venue.

Team work.

Teams pitching their projects and more about finals on 4 December 2018

Dinner at the venue and networking.


A pioneer in its field, Akrapovič is widely recognized as a highly innovative materials technology company.The brand is synonymous with the highest level of design, performance enhancement and the creation of an unmistakable deeply resonant exhaust sound. The company’s products are designed and manufactured for motorcycles and performance cars by a passionate and highly-skilled workforce of over 1000 employees using the latest technology, processes and finest materials. The Racing R&D department works with dozens of racing teams. Over 100 world champions have already relied on Akrapovič exhaust systems. And this is just the beginning of a long exciting ride.



Empowers individuals for high efficient and motivated teams. Changes the mindset of traditional business. It is about HUMAN transformation for DIGITAL ERA.
Digital transformation is NOT about technology, … it is about STRATEGY, LEADERSHIP, new ways of THINKING and constant INNOVATION. It is about PEOPLE!
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