11. 12. – 12. 12. 2021




PRIZE FUND: 6000 €


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E- Mobility

Electric vehicles are coming…but they need your help to really arrive. Electric vehicle charging infrastructure is just not yet ready for everyone. Now we want you to help us solve one of the main issues of e-mobility.
Most of the world population lives in densely populated cities with limited parking options or on the street parking. These are the people that will make the switch to electric mobility the hardest. But with your help we think we can create a new future and speed up the electric vehicle revolution.


As we all know the time required to fill up an electric vehicle takes a lot longer than filling up with fossil fuels. That is why it makes sense to do the charging at places where vehicles are stationary for a longer period of time. Slow charging is also beneficial and prolongs the battery life in E- vehicles and brings potentials for charging with renewable electricity especially from the solar panels. Longer charging also has a positive impact on the grid in terms of predictability, lower capacity needed and grid balancing, which can bring the charging cost down even further. 

In other words, imagine a densely populated apartment building neighbourhood with 500 apartments and 1000 cars. They all have just 450 parking spots available. Out of those 1000 cars, 50 are electric at the moment. But this number is growing exponentially with the increased popularity and availability of new models. Where and how will they charge? Park? Number of these kinds of neighbourhoods in the world is … well, infinite. Our challenge is to find a way to offer a cost-optimal charging service? On a spot? Somewhere else?

Your task is to think big and out of the known at the moment 😊


Solving E-Mobility charging problems for people living in condominiums. Work together with Eles and Elektro Gorenjska and help with the E-Mobility transition.


3.000,00 EUR gross
lunch with Mr. Mervar, CEO at Eles and Mr. Šmon, CEO at Elektro Gorenjska.

2.000,00 EUR gross

1.000,00 EUR gross


+ for winning teams: individual evaluation of personal competencies based on CliftonStrengths
+ for winning teams: visit of the ELES diagnostic center
+ for those interested in trading: visit of electrical energy trading center
+  for all potential ideas (winner most likely): a possibility to participate in the further development of products / ideas
+ for all: A new potential job opportunity

Location: According to covid regulations – online or hybrid

“Do you think you got what it takes to compete and win?

Apply by – 7.12.2021!”