Disruption ahead: safer, smarter, and greener for a sustainable oceans

Transportation is facing a big transition across all sectors. Autonomy, green transportation, digitalisation, Smart Ships concepts and new material science are the major challenges proposed to the maritime sector. 

That is why at Metal Shark they have already designed, built, and delivered over 400 remotely operated vessels to date.  Sharktech vessels now in service include center consoles and pilothouse vessels, with propulsion ranging from gasoline outboards to diesel inboards and waterjets, equipped with the software systems of multiple suppliers. In 2019, Metal Shark was selected by the US Navy for the Unmanned Family of Systems Multi Award IDIQ, a blanket Navy contract covering multiple topics in the autonomous space. 

Metal Shark is an engineering-centric company with a large in-house design team of naval architects and marine engineers. Metal Shark offers a full portfolio of its own designs, including Endurance catamarans, Defiant monohull pilothouse vessels, Fearless stepped-bottom high-performance vessels, Relentless collared center consoles, Courageous workboats, and Resolute skiffs. Each of these is 100% digitally designed and may be fully customized to suit a wide range of mission profiles.

The maritime industry is often criticized for being conservative, and as arguably one of the oldest industries in the world, this is perhaps not surprising. It also makes it ripe for disruption from this model of fostering innovation. It certainly doesn’t lack opportunities for innovation.

Vision is to create more energy efficient design and operation for shipping and maritime activities, utilizing new technologies and green energy sources. The objective is to achieve a globally connected and competitive maritime sector, decarbonized and digitalized for a sustainable marine and maritime economy.

The industry naturally produces huge amounts of data, and opportunities exist at every step of the supply chain for stakeholders to use AI to augment their operation with positive effects. The convergence of AI and the Internet of Things (IoT) also offers the potential of a more connected intelligence. Many of the technology areas will need to embrace the application of new disruptive technologies alongside the more traditional areas of research and development.

These new technologies, together with digitalization and connectivity, will be transformative and will make a significant contribution to the competitiveness and sustainability of the maritime industry. Smart vessels will communicate with smart ports to limit congestion, waiting time and thus costs and will adapt their sailing speed to match harbor slots automatically.

The speed of innovation is increasing, particularly with the rise of new digital industrial technologies known as Industry 4.0, underpinned by transformational technologies of the Cyber Physical Systems (CPS). These systems are combinations of several major innovations in digital technology poised to transform industry.

The technologies include cloud computing, the Internet of Things (IoT), Blockchain, sophisticated sensors, data capture and analytics, advanced robotics and artificial intelligence. More and more vessels will offer superior energy efficiency through technologies for improving propulsive efficiency, smart and lightweight materials, and advanced hybrid power generation systems, with energy storage to optimize performance. Transformative technologies will lead to advances in ship design, shipbuilding, propulsion and powering, and will undoubtedly improve commercial and operational performance of ship operation. Digitalization will spur automation, lead to the development of smart ships and positively impact safety and environmental performance. New cloud technologies will dramatically affect how vessels and their components are: designed, manufactured, and operated. The Internet of Things promises to be one of the most disruptive technological revolutions since the advent of the Internet. Transparent & Accessible Seas and Oceans: Towards a Digital Twin of the Ocean

Metal Shark’s first location outside of the United States, “Metal Shark Croatia” is a new engineering facility recently opened in 2018 in the coastal city of Rijeka on Croatia’s northern Adriatic coast.

The facility currently employs nearly 20 naval architects, machinery systems engineers, and electrical engineers who collaborate with Metal Shark’s domestic engineering team in support of the company’s shipbuilding operations at its three facilities in Alabama and Louisiana, USA. Efforts by Metal Shark are underway to significantly expand in Croatia.

Following two years of research into engineering capabilities worldwide, Croatia was short-listed by Metal Shark, with key attributes including the country’s shipbuilding heritage, its many shipyards and technical faculties, and its pool of highly trained naval architects and maritime engineers. 



1. SUSTAINABILITY IN SHIP INDUSTRY  (new-alternative propagation systems)  

With sustainability on everyone’s radar at the moment, the challenges are the biggest just in the maritime industry as well as aviation. Higher efficiencies in propulsion systems, alternative fuel sources, decreasing pollution and decreasing the carbon footprint are very sought after. 

2. NEW DIGITALISATION CONCEPTS FOR SMART SHIPS (digital twin, cybersecurity, autonomy, AI, AR, Big Data)

Digitalisation is happening across all sectors. The introduction of AI and big data can truly be introduced to great effect in the shipping industry. From autonomous ships to emergency responding vehicles to optimising processes, cyber security and navigation systems. The future looks smart then, no? Well, it all depends on what we do with this data – ultimately, the success of smart ships depends not on when they are introduced but how well the data is collected, interpreted and used.

3. NEW MATERIALS IN SHIP INDUSTRY (from ships to shipyards and ports)

Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) combines engineering, physics and chemistry and principles to solve real-world production problems. With MetalShark’s broad array of different ship types this area of application can be very diverse. Keeping in mind the lifecycle of the materials used and their sustainable impact as well.


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 All interested participants will get an option for a job interview.

 3 (or more) projects will have an opportunity for further development under sponsorship of Metal Shark.

Monetary rewards will be transferred directly to accounts of individual team members.


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Of course! Anyone who has an idea and wants to change the world and share it with others. Welcome newcomers, professionals, thinkers and enthusiasts, actually all ambitious people. 


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Metal Shark is a leading shipbuilder specializing in the design and production of boats and ships for military, law enforcement, fire rescue, and a wide spectrum of commercial applications. Best-known for the vessel fleets it produces for the U.S. Armed Forces and allies around the globe, Metal Shark has expanded its focus to include state, local, and commercial operators across a wide range of markets. etMetal Shark has taken the innovation, technology, processes, and sheer size developed through its military programs and implemented them across a wide range of markets. This has allowed the company to avoid reliance on any one particular market segment, which has been the downfall of many specialty yards. Customers can trust that Metal Shark will be with them for the long haul, supporting them with best-in-class products and service.

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