Anyone can apply to this international challenge, if you have an idea and you wish to bring it to life. Everyone is wanted: students, professionals, startups, SMEs, corporate innovators, thinkers and enthusiasts. Basically anyone with ambition and creativity that would help the team to succeed.

It is important that you have your idea. In the application, you simply have to explain a direction you’d like to address in a sentence or two and it will be enough for the start. The proposed idea is a prerequisite for entering the competition, but the uniqueness of your idea will bring higher committee attention to it during the selection process. So, with a more detailed description of your concept you will have an advantage in the Hackathon participant selection process. Therefore, with no hesitation – share your concepts and ideas, etc. 🙂

That isn’t necessary. Actually, it happens quite often that the team develops a mixture of all ideas team members had at the beginning of the Hackathon. This is why Metal Shark and Transformation Lighthouse will jointly select the best ideas and put competitors in teams according to similarity of submitted ideas. However, since you never know, you should continue developing your own idea and create a strategy on how to promote and present it to your team members at the Hackathon. On the day of the competition when you will already know who your team members are, you’ll then proceed in one way or another.

Based on the applications, the committee will select the participants and assemble the teams. If you apply as an individual, you will be put in a team that compliments your knowledge and skills. You can also apply as a team, but careful every participant needs to fill the application form! If you apply as a team there is a possibility for you to receive additional member(s) that fits in your team. For successful problem solving the team needs many different knowledge profiles.

The only condition is adulthood, well above age of 18 😉 Since this is an extremely creative and dynamic event, it is desired that there is also a diversity of age. So, no matter your age, if you have an idea and you want something new, meet like minded people, and show to the Metal Shark team you have what it takes,  Hackathon is the right address for you.

On a quick glimpse it might seem we’re only looking for developers and material engineers. BUt! Be aware that the best teams are the ones that are diverse and cover a broad scope of knowledge. Not necessarily official. Yes, the core is tech oriented but also a business case has to be addressed along with an appealing pitch. Besides, all of the solutions have even more opportunities if you find other industries that could benefit from the idea. Don’t limit yourself or your team to only developers and material engineers. The opportunities are vast and well, we’ve all sat on a beach thinking of the immensity of the sea. This is it. The Metal Shark Marine Innovation Hackathon is of the most important that your idea is original. Creativity, originality, the ability to work in a team and openness to new ideas in the competition can take your idea to an entirely different direction than it is at this moment.

The schedule of the competition is posted on the “Schedule” section of the website, where there is a written detailed course of events. Competitors will get a more detailed description of the challenge at the opening of Hackathon, as well learn with whom they are in a group and what their role is in the group. Teams receive guidelines at the beginning in which direction to develop an idea, how they develop it depends on each individual team. During the competition the teams are accompanied all the time by mentors, representatives of Iskratel and Transformation Lighthouse. Mentors are assembled in a way to cover as many segments as possible. They will be guiding you during the competition, if you wander too far with the development of your ideas. The end products will be assessed by a professional panel based on before agreed criteria.

At these kinds of events laptops / computers are welcome, to make the work somewhat easier. Otherwise it is perfectly suitable to work with pen and paper. Since you most likely work with a laptop, the final presentation will be in ppt, keynote or a live demonstration. If you will be using paper notes and blocks, just make sure your teammates can “transcript” this in a digital version. 

Well, on hackathons in general you are right – there isn’t much rest. And if you and your team are more efficient during the night no worries. The Transformation Lighthouse team will be there to help you out in case of need. If you think that you will not need continuous work, you should agree on the dynamics with your teammates. You should never forget that this is a team competition. And as a team you agree on everything. Including work pace. If you can, you do get together in person as a team (taking care of covid-19 protection and safety) and you take naps, divide tasks,…. In any case .. You will coordinate everything with your team during the competition 🙂 And we’ll be here to help you out at all times. 

In any case, keep with you a blanket, pillow, comfortable clothing. And coffee. Lots of coffee 🙂 

The weekend will be long and a few hours of rest will not hurt 😊

The event will happen online. We’ll use Zoom as a conference tool and Ideascale for working on your projects.So, either you feel comfortable in your living room, bed room, toilet or you have a great office…. Whenever you’ll be the most creative in those 2 days 😉