Transformation Lighthouse is a team of professional and crazy people, sometimes even heretical, who like technology and innovation, but strive towards a better society that will put people first. We’re obsessed with reading and we don’t like mediocracy. We’re not perfect, but we show up every day and think how can we make a change – just like you! We aren’t afraid to get our hands dirty, so we gladly take the shovel and dig into that transformation and the future you with you!

We believe that each individual is a unique and indispensable part of the company, and it is essential to give voice to those that are the foundation of it. And them make them work together better. This empowerment of individuals leads to a strong team where every one is working with purpose and vision. Only then will the transformation lead to sustainable business innovation.

The entire program of Transformation Lighthouse consists of experts that have themselves worked in big world enterprise companies and founded startups. That are coming across both worlds all the time and recognized the need of helping others do the steps too.

The Team of Coaches

The Core Team and Program Innovators

Urška Jež – Founder & Provocateur-in-Chief
Tanja Golčman – Chief Miscellaneous Officer
Martin Jarc – Innovation Alchemist

Domain Experts

EDG – Enterprise development group:
US: Herman Gyr, Lisa Friedman, Laszlo Gyrfy
DE: Jan Künne
Swiss: Jörg Grobbli, Myriam Grobbli

Sabina Đuvelek
Piotr Bucki
Zavod Hekovnik (Jasna Plantan in Kristjan Pečanac)
Andy Baynes