Are you facing difficulties finding talents and proactive new employees for your clients?


‘Hack your life’ is a one day event intended for individuals that would like to grow personally and professionally on one hand, and for companies that would like to train their employees on the other hand. The event consists of 3 parts:

01 Acquisition of knowledge

In the first part, the participants will undergo the ‘knowledge acquisition’ phase in areas involving the key skills for the future, as defined by World Economic Forum:

02 Implementation of knowledge

In the second part of the event, the teams will turn the acquired knowledge into reality by making a short video called: How to become the CEO of your life?

Their challenge is to present the knowledge acquired in the first part of the event creatively. This is no small task, because participants need to write a scenario, play the parts, make the shots, and edit them into a coherent movie. The only way for them to do an excellent final product despite the time pressure is to work together as a team.

03 Dissemination of knowledge

Every team shares their video on social media. As a result, they spread the awareness of the key skills that young people should develop.

  Added value for companies:

  1. An innovative way to find employees.
  2. Engage and empower internal employees.
  3. Positive company branding (targeting proactive young people especially).
  4. Materials for company promotion (videos).
  5. Feedback on individuals based on the TLI method (Teamwork, Leadership, and Innovation).