Sustainability and regenerative business models 

Circular economy
The world is changing. Climate change is threating the very way we live, trade and do business. But that also comes with opportunity. Companies that will embrace regenerative way of doing business will thrive in this new world economy.
Why we prefer to use a term “regenerative” instead of sustainable? Because to sustain meaning to continue in the direction we are going. it means we’ve already reached the goals and we need to keep them. But we all know that the life we were living is the cause of the climate emergency we are in. We need to regenerate, our business, our people, our society – the planet as a whole.
Each step matters. But companies taking steps make huge impacts and giant leaps. And we will help you get there!

How to become a sustainable, regenerative business-oriented company / organization?

  1. Start a sustainability office / department (the most important and integrative office, where all other departments collide)
  2. Measure your carbon footprint! How can you do anything if you don’t know your current carbon footprint?
  3. Develop an overall strategy on how to become – not only carbon neutral but carbon negative!
  4. Align your strategy with the UN sustainability goals 2030 (SDGs2030)
  5. Find partners and start building your regenerative ecosystem
  6. Decarbonize your supply chain – help suppliers become carbon negative
  7. Share learning – internally and with the world
Our team of global experts on the topics are here to help you get started.
Sustainable city

Measure your business carbon footprint

At Transformation Lighthouse we are working together with CO2 Free which offer a complete supply chain analysis of your GHG emissions. Calculation of carbon neutrality and offset of carbon emission with CER (Certified Emission Reductions). After achieving carbon neutrality for your business CO2 Free offers certification of neutrality which proves the company is carbon neutral.
For additional information contact: [email protected]

EU digi tour

We are a part of EU DigiTOUR project which is co-funded by the COSME Programme of the European Union with the aim to build the capacity of tourism SME’s towards digital transformation. The ultimate goal is to boost the uptake of digitalisation, innovation and new technologies in tourism through transnational cooperation and capacity building. We are looking to bring new digital projects to the enterprises in tourism sector and bread a broader colaboration between startups, SME’s and digital experts in the fields of AI, AR/VR and big data.
Are you involved in tourism sector? Do you want to evolve you digital offering and would love to work with industry experts? Join our capacity program.
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ClimAccelerator beyond 2022

At Transformation lighthouse in colaboration with Bogatin are a proud partner of ClimAccelerator beyond 2022 part of Climate KIC European initiative. ClimAcclerator is designed for companies, startups, university projects, non-profit organizations, associations, local governments and spinoffs that focus on positive impact on the climate. Looking for solutions dealing with water quality, air quality, recycling, zero waste, environmental education… Supporting new regenerative companies reach maturity and expand their business models to grow and provide inspirational stories for us all.

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