Think Tank


A modern Roman Forum

Think Tank is a place for thinkers, entrepreneurs, environmental activists, agriculturists, and visionaries to discuss the topics they are passionate about. It is a place for people who aren’t going with the status quo and those who wish to co-create some practical solutions, action items and initiatives that will inspire them, and others, towards a proactive life.


A lot of time and resources today are being spent by experts telling us to change our ways to prevent catastrophic events, with little avail. Yet, we see seemingly insignificant and powerless voice sweep the world and gain massive following with limited or no budget. This is how the masses change their mindsetthrough continuous effort by a small group of dedicated open-minded people that drive the change.


We’ve stepped into a new era and these challenging times have (forced us to) changed our everyday. They have also opened a number of questions that are roaming through our heads, through your head.

We’re searching for DIY videos, while juggling our kids school work in one hand and our own work in the other hand. We’re thinking about plan B and looking through the window thinking of ways to handle the upcoming uncertainties. And Google is becoming our dearest friend (if not even intimate), while we’re searching for practical tips and tricks to become less dependent. We need to do something. We need some kind of balance again.

Ignoring these issues is not going to make them disappear. This time might just be the right opportunity to act upon them.


As Seneca and Cicero had their own place to share their ideas and visions, we thought it’s only appropriate to devise a humble modern Roman Forum. And so Think Tank was born. A place where everyone can participate in vivid debates over the issues that they care about.
So, we would like to invite all of you thinkers, business owners, environmental activists, agriculturists, entrepreneurs, enthusiasts, and visionaries to dare and open your thoughts to others. 

Through constructive and respectful debates, we hope to connect, to find some common goals and a way how to tackle problems in this new age of political apathy.


In the past weeks, peoples have been shaken to their ground, their everyday life changed, and work-life balanced disturbed. We have also witnessed toilet-paper & fresh yeast crisis. A drop in pollution and greenhouse gas emissions are just two of the major changes in the environments, which were previously thought impossible.

Every one of us is affected by this, one way or the other. We can’t sit back and just watch. Think Tank was born as a response to the things unravelling around us. We’re on a runaway train, but we detected 3 key areas where innovative and creative people like you could really make a change.

future of work
Environmental issues
Self sufficiency

How does it work? After filling out the form below, you’ll be redirected to the IdeaScale platform where the debates are taking place. In order to participate, you’ll need to register on the platform. It’s a quick process so be sure to have your toga ready, because after your successful registration, it’s debate time!


You ready to roll? Before you continue, you need to read the Terms & Conditions below, and enter your details. Don’t worry, the data entered on this site will be used solely for statistical purposes. At the end of the Think Tank, we would like to publish a report with all the action items or even initiatives that will be developed throughout the debates. These can be used by anyone who wants to make some changes, or ideally, they can be taken even further and higher.

However, if you want to be notified of our future initiatives like this, or any other events Transformation Lighthouse is organizing, make sure you admit you suffer from the FOMO case bellow 🙂

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