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A Transformative Evening with Fede Ponce
Fede Ponce


  • International Speaker
  • Creator of Digital Human Experiences
  • Mentor for Human Potential
  • Business Innovator and Global Mentor
  • Designer, Artist, and Technologist

Fede isn’t just a business owner; he’s a pioneer in HMI, UX, and UI and a Director for the world’s biggest automotive company, with a knack for blending technology and art with humanistic ethics. A seasoned traveler and leader, Fede has left his mark in Japan, the US, and Europe, guiding both giants and startups towards innovative breakthroughs. His accolades include launching products that touch the lives of more than 10 million people.

🚀 Business Innovator and Global Mentor
🎨 Designer, Artist, and Technologist

With 20 years under his belt as a storyteller and entrepreneur, Fede continues to push the boundaries of design, leadership, and disruption. His mission is grand: to unlock human potential and maximize team collaboration to forge groundbreaking products and systems.

🌍 Working Across Continents to Foster Innovation and Transformation

Get ready to be inspired and to discover new horizons in human and machine interaction with Fede Ponce leading the charge at our event!

Fede Ponce speaker

June 20th 2024,
at 6 PM

Cafè Famoos,
Schubertstraße 6a,
8010 Graz

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