Unleash your organisational potential and become FULLY ACTIVATED ORGANIZATION


  • Internal and external hackathons to engage talent
  • Human centric development
  • Establishment of internal coaching network

Technology, Structures, Processes, Innovations or even the individual alone are not the strongest source of excellence in organizations.

What is many times forgotten is the basis we all human being have in our DNA and is the main reason why we were able to survive in the evolution process.

It is the quality of our connections and interactions that truly define potential and are the source of success for the future organizations.

Establish the internal ENGINE OF INNOVATION to cope with constant and rapid changes on the market


  • Internal and external hackathons to generate new ideas
  • Data driven management – Problem solution fit
  • Establishment of internal innovation processes and network
  • Agile, lean, scrum, sprint
  • IdeaScale platform

In radically changing business environment virtually all companies have to simultaneously perform in three distinctly different areas, each functioning at distinctly different speeds, with different customer expectations, competitive conditions and products.

Each area demands fundamentally distinct business models, structures, processes and experienced human capabilities/skills:

  • Current business, which is core and is bringing needed fuel to support other two areas. 
  • Incremental Innovation, which is taking care of improvements and implementation of new innovations in the current business processes.
  • Disruptive Innovation, where companies are constantly searching for new business models, new positioning on the market and learning methods which could prepare them for the future and invest time in changes and education.



Best talent to keep your transformation going
Finding and development of internal and external best talent to keep your transformation going
Hackathons – on-location and online to engage talent and to find breakthrough ideas
Hackathons – on-location and online to engage talent and to find breakthrough ideas
Finding best innovation and solutions for your industry – startup scouting from our international ecosystem
Finding best innovation and solutions for your industry – startup scouting from our international ecosystem
From idea to final product in a few months – comprehensive program putting it all together
From idea to final product in a few months – comprehensive program putting it all together


  • A new way of thinking and a shift in corporate culture that promotes the creation and development of innovative projects, self-initiative and high engagement of employees.
  • Support and guidance to develop internal innovative projects during the program.
  • Exposure to innovation and digitalisation of operations in the parent company, to help develop an internal incubator for innovative ideas and projects. 
  • Empower internal people to be motivated and driven for following the company’s vision and co-create the future. 
  • New approaches to attract new potential human resource.
  • Network of global innovators, startups and their futuristic technology.
  • Constant access to top notch technology and innovation 


Individuals are the foundation of the society and the company. We believe that each person should have a chance in co-creating the future, which is why we organize hackathons. These are events where everyone, even you, is given a voice to share their ideas for a better world. Hackathons are done in cooperation with companies who not only seek solutions that will improve the way we live every day, but also seek new colleagues that will help them on their mission! And everyone’s talking about AI, but people shouldn’t be slaves of technology, technology should make life easier for us, but we need to find a way how to do it – you and me!


Today, every industry is in transformation but it depends on the enterprise how will it react and where will it go. And don’t worry, you won’t be alone.

We’ll go into the trenches with you while achieving measurable results!

We do workshop to help you see the future trends and the possibilities for your company. We organize hackathons to make you discover new business ideas and introduce you to the change-makers of tomorrow – some are hiding within your company, others are your cherished customers who have been sending you improvement emails that got overlooked, and some are people whom you haven’t met just yet! And these people will show you a whole new perspective – if we let them.

And can you imagine, we can do an *online* hackathon as well!?

We get you out of your comfort zone and a bit crazy as well!


We strive towards a harmony between all participants of the business ecosystem – individual, company and societal, so we’re active in all spheres. We use creativity to come up with greater plans for tomorrow – some will be achieved, some maybe not – but we try nonetheless! We connect to key players and involve them in the process. Transformation cannot be done on our own – collaboration and innovative long-term thinking are key! We care for people, we love animals and we’re in awe with nature, so always think about how our actions affect everything around us. We support the community by buying local. Small steps lead to big changes and everyone can be sustainable in some way.


We’re a bunch of crazy people, sometimes even heretical, who like technology and innovation, but strive towards a better society that will put people first. We’re obsessed with reading and we don’t like mediocracy. We’re not perfect but we show up every day and think how can we make a change – just like you! We aren’t afraid to get our hands dirty, so we gladly take the shovel and dig into that transformation and the future you with you!

We believe that each individual is a unique and indispensable part of the company, and it is essential to give voice to those that are the foundation of it. This empowerment of individuals leads to a strong team where every one is working with purpose and vision. Only then will the transformation lead to sustainable business innovation.

The entire program of Transformation Lighthouse consists of experts that have themselves worked in big world enterprise companies and founded startups. That are coming across both worlds all the time and recognized the need of helping others do the steps too.

Coaches under the Transformation Lighthouse roof

The core team and program innovators

Urška Jež – founder
Tanja Golčman
Martin Jarc

Domain experts

EDG – Enterprise development group:
US: Herman Gyr, Lisa Friedman, Laszlo Gyrfy
DE: Jan Künne
Swiss: Jörg Grobbli, Myriam Grobbli

Sabina Đuvelek
Piotr Bucki
Zavod Hekovnik (Jasna Plantan in Kristjan Pečanac)
Andy Baynes

Since 2019, we had:

15 hackathons planned and executed

1000+ hours of transformation lighthouse workshops

More than 600 enlightened team-members

6 enlightened companies

12 books read per month

Trailblazing partners

Happy clients