2021 – what we’ve learned

My intimate insight and wishes for all of us in the year 2022

I know, I know… Not all of you are fans of long texts. But somehow, with last year’s reflection I unleashed my internal wish to share my naïve, optimistic, wishful thoughts with the world. At least on the transition to the new year…

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Interview for The World Innovation and Change Management Institute WCMI

Hackathon – event, where collaboration breads innovation

I am a huge fan and promotor – well, also organizer – of hackathons and if you ask me yes, everyone should participate at least in one in a lifetime! It is a boost of energy, creativity, potential, spreads open collaboration values and enhances literally every issue we put in the hackathon engine (centrifuge). Participating in it, really is a game changer…

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Interview for Top student: HACKATHON – crash course on basis of entrepreneurship on steroids

Hackathon is an innovative way of involving creative individuals in finding and solving certain challenges, whether it is programming, product, business or finding answers, to improve the procurement process, e.g., the peculiarity of the event is that it is extremely intense…

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2020 – what we’ve learned

My intimate insight and wishes for all of us in the upcoming year

Let’s admit it…this has been a hard year for all of us. The entire world was pushed in a situation that we just weren’t able to predict beforehand. But if we put all that aside for a moment, it has surely been a year of revelations. The way we lived and acted was destined to fail as it is…

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Video library

The following keynote talk is from ELES and Electro Gorenjska Electrathon. Jan Künne is working with automotive industry for some time and in this talk discusses about the trends in mobility, signals of the future and a possible glimps of what is to come.
Open data Hackathons are a great initiative in Slovenia started by the Ministry of public affairs. We were first welcomed by Julij Božič, oracle cloud manager of the ROMASI region. Tania Le Voi Senior Strategy Director Oracle Digital openly shared all the changes and initiatives inside Oracle that are transforming their company into a more sustainable future.

On this hackathon Green Hack hackathon we were truly blessed by the amazing 🌟 participants and hackers. They went into the weekend prepared and ready for action. In the video you can watch the final 8 teams pitching in 4 completely different challenges, Floods 🌊, Food 🐝, Mobility🚗 and Waste🚯.

Natalia Carfi executive director of Open Data Charter-ODC explains why open data initiatives such as GreenHack open data hackathon organised by TL and ministry of public administration of Slovenia, is so important.

Lisa Friedman and Herman Gyr speaking about Leadership in the Regenerative Era, at BBG Australia’s Climate Action Forum, November 3, 2021

The following video was a part of panel discussion on EUvsVirus Launchathon event.
How could the Green economy contribute to finding the balance between the well-being of the planet and the economic well-being?
Moderator: Mike Richardson

The following talk was a part of Life with climate change Hackathon organised by Slovenia weather agency ARSO and Slovenian Water Agency. 

Panellist: Urska Jez, Ula Kepezinskaite Duric, Barbara Domicelj, Ales Versic 

This talk was a part of open data Hackathon Life with Climate Change

We were talking with Microsoft’s Tomislav Vracic, Account Technology Strategist for Public Sector at Microsoft.

Moderated by: Urska Jez, Ales Versic and Ula Kepezinskaite Duric

This conversation was a part of open data online Hackathon Live With Climate Change. Trough the eye of the oracle: Oracles views on sustainability

Panel: Julij Božič, Tania Le Voi, Conor Warde, Urska Jez

The following was a conversation with Herman Gyr and Lisa Friedman as a part of Transformation Lighthouse Hackathon for Metal Shark empowered by Oracle.

Herman and Lisa take us on a walk trough history to get a new perspective on the climate change and speed which these events are unfolding. Planet earth has gone trough 5 mayor extinction events and we are at the start of a new one. Will we be able to stop it?

The following video was a part of Transformation Lighthouse – Metal Shark hackathon empowered by Oracle.

The keynote with panel discussion : Greg Delaune With Rosaling Baitel, Lelei LeLaulu, Joe Mistich, Urska Jez

What Does a Regenerative Ocean-based Economy Look Like; Local, Regional, and Global Strategies for Growing the Blue Economy

The mobility is going digital. More and more we talk about mobility as a digital vessel that can extend my enjoyment. With the rise of autonomy, green technology and internet of things we are on the edge of r/evolution.

Panelist: Damir Opsenica Sanjeev Sharma Milan Despotovic Teuta Duletic Jan Kunne

Moderator: Urška Jež

This time as part of Hackathon together with Metal Shark Boats, where our participants tackled cybersecurity and sustainability in maritime tech using oracle cloud services.

Watch Luca Martelli and Tania Le Voi give us some insight on topics like these in our panel discussion that happened on Metal Shark hackathon